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Our sponsors are leaders in Indiana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. They ensure startups have access to the essential capital and resources to fuel rapid growth, create jobs, and build our economy. Please join us, and become part of Indiana’s startup success stories!

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Elevate Ventures
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The Impact of Crossroads


Crossroads Pitch Competition came at a great time. We had just finished our first season deploying the product, and it was great to have this win on the tail end of our product launch. Every company hits an inflection point where they transition from competing in competitions to competing for customers for big checks. Crossroads ended up being the last competition we needed to rocket our company into the competing for customers phase!


We are beyond grateful for the opportunity this affords ArcticRx. It’s really satisfying for others to understand the change this product can bring across the globe, and we can’t thank The Mill enough for their part in the future of #VaccineEquity. The Mill has done a tremendous job fostering a spirit of camaraderie in the Hoosier community of entrepreneurs and change makers. We hope all the participants find paths for success.



I can’t overstate how positively Crossroads changed the trajectory of the end of the year (and the first full year of Stagetime!). The non-dilutive prize money allowed me to move to Stagetime full-time before I had originally planned, and even more importantly, it gave me the confidence and ability to seize the opportunity to bring one of my most valuable contractors onto Stagetime full-time. These two items have changed my day-to-day dramatically — professionally and personally.


We’re absolutely thrilled, and our team is excited to be developing software that will change how utilities look at their infrastructure. Utilities of all sizes need access to cutting-edge tools at a price point they can afford, and we believe that we’re equipped to deliver those tools later this spring.

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Since 2017, Indiana’s most promising startups have used Crossroads as a launching pad for success. The Crossroads Pitch Competition doesn’t just showcase Indiana’s best and brightest entrepreneurs. It nurtures early-stage startups at a critical stage in their growth, by connecting them to an ecosystem of fellow founders, experienced advisors, and angel investors. Past competitors are a who’s who of Hoosier founders! Innovation meets opportunity at Crossroads.

Crossroads wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. Sponsorship levels range and can include cash commitments or in-kind contributions such as financial, accounting, legal, or other services.

Examples include:

Consulting (marketing strategy, business services)

Software development (databases, mobile apps, etc.)

Financial systems (bookkeeping, tracking, reporting)

Email marketing campaign strategy / software

Promotional product videos and animations

Mobile application UI/UX design

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