Crossroads Spring 2023 Startups

indiana’s top entrepreneurs & startups

Congratulations to Everewear, the Crossroads Spring 2023 pre-seed winner!

Spring 2023 pre-seed finalists: Bar Bands | Dynamic House | Everewear | Soloist

Congratulations to ReproHealth Technologies, the Crossroads Spring 2023 seed winner!

Crossroads Spring 2023  Finalists

The Spring 2023 Crossroads Pitch Competition Finals will be held live on Zoom on May 24. Four pre-seed startups will compete for a $10,000 investment from Flywheel Fund, and four seed startups will compete for a $20,000 investment. Pre-seed finals start at 9:30 am; seed finals start at 1:00 pm.

Crossroads Spring 2023 Semifinalists

Crossroads Spring 2023 Competitors

Semifinalists are judged by a panel of respected Indiana entrepreneurs and investors. Judges examine each startup’s presentation for compelling product with potential for growth; clearly defined market and customer; credible financials; a plan for risk mitigation; and team expertise.