inX3 2018 Startups

regional pitch competition

inX3 is the precursor to the Crossroads Pitch Competition. The Mill’s pitch competition was then a pre-qualification event for a statewide competition in Indianapolis called inX3. We were one of a handful of regional hubs that screened startups for the statewide pitch competition. In 2019, inX3 evolved into Crossroads and expanded to include the entire state of Indiana.

inX3 2018 Winners

The winners of the pre-qualification event were diverse in their solutions and showcased great talent and innovation. The finalists were:

     UnderDog Apparel creates unique high-quality apparel for underserved collegiate markets.

      ShipperTech provides a secure solution to buyers and sellers in online marketplace like Craigslist (rebranded to DeliverEnd).

      The Bee Corp provides a unique data-driven solution for growers and beekeepers.

     Wave Therapeutics provides a solution to reduce and eliminate bedsores and discomfort for patients in nursing homes and other medical facilities.

      Heliponix developed the GroPod™, which grows fresh organic produce in the convenience of the consumer’s home (rebranded to GroPod).

The Bee Corp
Underdog Apparel
Wave Therapeutics

inX3 2018 Competitors

Adventure Field Guides

Ambition in Motion

The Bee Corp




Heliponix (now GroPod

Plus Time


ShipperTech (now DeliverEnd)

VisionApp Solutions

Wave Therapeutics